Version 7.0 September 2012

01 septiembre 2012

Marshall Day Acoustics are delighted to release version 7.0. We have come a long way since version 4.5 in 1997 (the first version offered for sale). After some very hard work, going back to basic theory we have developed prediction models for triple panel walls. These have been tested against laboratory measurements and acceptable agreement was obtained.

IN another major new improvement the materials databases that INSUL uses have been made more easily accessible. Now all the materials for different regions are combined into one database, and the user can choose to filter by region so that just one, or perhaps 2 or 3 regions materials are displayed. In addition the user can add their own materials to a user's database. This user database will not be over written by upgrades (unlike the main INSUL databases) and so the user can maintain their own specific materials.

The sound level differences of a construction can now be auralised over loudspeakers or headphones, this includes impact sound levels.

Finally the sound transmission loss at specific angles of incidence can now be predicted for single panels, of interest for outdoor to indoor propogation at high frequencies.