Version 6.3 August 2009

01 agosto 2009
Version 6.3 August 2009

This new version of Insul has three main new features. Firstly it can calculate the sound level produced by rain falling on a light weight roof with or without a ceiling underneath the roof. Secondly it now has a built in calculator for predicting the sound level in a room for a given outdoor sound level, this calculates according to EN 12354/3. Thirdly it can predict the transmission loss of triple glazing.

The rain noise prediction is based on original research carried out by Marshall Day Acoustics and it is very useful for countries where rain fall is high and buildings are often constructed from light weight materials. The original research was prompted by problems in New Zealand classrooms where it was impossible to hear a teacher's voice at times of high rainfall.

The Outdoor to Indoor calculator is a simple tool for estimating the internal noise levels for a given external noise level at the building facade. There are some pre-defined spectra which can be easily adjusted to a given A weighted level or the user can enter the frequency spectrum of the sound level together with the area of the building element, the transmission loss of that element (o rimport from INSUL) then the volume of the receiving room and its reverberation time. The indoor level is then calculated according toEN12354/3. Up to 5 elements can be combined in one calculation. The calculation can be made in octave or 1/3 octave bands.

New Sound Absorption Prediction Software

Zorba is a software package designed to predict the sound absorption coefficients of porous materials with a wide variety of slotted, perforated or panel coverings. Details can be found at this website